The Irish Harper Volume 2

Máire Ní Chathasaigh
Hard copy
CAROLAN was the most famous Irish harper-composer of his day & his music is the most popular ever composed for the harp in Ireland. This book - the second in a series devoted to the authentic performance of all forms of traditional Irish music on the harp - contains original arrangements of 24 Carolan tunes, informed by Máire's knowledge both of the native Irish harp tradition and of baroque forms. All were recorded by Máire & Chris on the CD 'The Carolan Albums'. 42 pages

Contents: Carolan's Draught; John O'Connor; Planxty Irwin; Hewlett; Blind Mary; Lord Inchiquin; Morgan Magan; Sheebeg & Sheemore; The Princess Royal; John Drury; Fanny Power; Carolan's Concerto; Maurice O'Connor; Constantine Maguire; Mr. O'Connor; Robert Jordan; Bridget Cruise; Frank Palmer; Grace Nugent; George Brabazon; Kean O'Hara; Madam Judge; Eleanor Plunkett; Baptist Johnston

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