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June 1st, 2022

There's been very little live activity in recent months although things are starting to happen again. The second half of the year looks a lot busier than the first part - the autumn might even resemble normality!

All Old Bridge Music albums are now available to download in the shop.

We've both been doing lots of teaching and Máire has completed the revision of her second harp book as well as uploading lots of sheet music for the harp.

My JS-Bach-on-a-flatpicked-guitar CD is now available. You'll find all the details in the shop, and lots of reviews here.

Last autumn TG4, the Irish language station, broadcast a terrific programme, Sé Mo Laoch, that featured Máire Ní Chathasaigh and her sister Nollaig. It was great fun to see some fabulous video clips from many years ago and the whole thing was beautifully produced. Anyway, if you're so inclined you can watch it by clicking here. Unless you're reasonably fluent in Irish it's probably a good idea to turn on the subtitles! (Three icons at the bottom right of the screen - the first toggles subtitles on and off.)

Stay safe and well and we hope to see you somewhere-or-other...


Much more harp sheet music newly available...
You'll find both solo and duo arrangements of Song of the Harp in the shop, as well as the sheet music for Connamara, the beautiful unpublished harp air from the Bunting collection. Just added is the downloadable version of Máire's Irish Harper Volume 2 book, as well as a solo harp arrangement of The Lost Summer...You'll find them all in the shop.


Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman

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Arty McGlynn's solo CD is available now

Almost 40 years after the release of his critically-acclaimed McGlynn's Fancy comes Botera.

10 years in the making, this is a CD that marks a return to Arty's jazz roots from the sixties (although a couple of excellent traditional jigs also sneak in).

Siobhan Long gave it a 4-star review in the Irish Times on December 5. Read it here...

If you'd like to order a copy please click here.

Arty McGlynn (07/08/1944-18/12/2019)

In 2015 the Heartstring Quartet went to Australia for seven weeks and Denmark for a week in June. It was fun...

Arty McGlynn (guitar)
Chris Newman (guitar/ mandolin)
Nollaig Casey (fiddle/ vocal)
Máire Ní Chathasaigh (Irish harp)

Dirty Linen (USA), March / April, 2009
"A dream quartet - the sweetest and most exciting music to emerge for a long time. Matching virtuosity with sheer good taste, this album of traditional and original music pours joyfully from the speakers... amazing, majestic, delightful"

The Irish Times 10 October, 2008
"A tightrope walk into uncommon worlds... This is traditional music at its very best: crossing boundaries, tapping our own tunes alongside bluegrass and ragtime borrowings. Many lifetimes' worth of music." 

The Heartstring Sessions CD was released in the UK on September 29, 2008. Folk Roots, Scotland on Sunday, Living Tradition and many others have reviewed the CD. They're all available to read here.

More US & European reviews here.


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Tom's Fiddler's Fancy and Christy's Northern Bridge albums are now available to download.
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