Paris, March 2005 


Leeds now has its own low cost airline (Jet2) that flies to various European destinations, including Paris. It's ten years since we were there so in March 2005 we took the 65 minute flight...


This is, I suppose, the image of Paris. Taken from the métro station at Trocodéro, this is a nice view of the famous tower of Monsieur Eiffel.

I got this shot by holding the camera, firmly, and thrusting my hand beyond the wire on the very top floor of the tower...I wasn't happy!

The view from the top is, of course, stunning. 

The Musée du Louvre is a really interesting place. It's stuffed full of priceless works of art of course, but also has a few references to harps. Well, nowhere's perfect...

I thought this was worth a picture. This guy's an Egyptian scribe who dates from around 2200BC. Remarkably lifelike image...

A few more Parisian scenes...a very typical bistro, a métro station, Montmatre and CN at Versailles.

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