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This page updated 30 September 2004

An assortment of images taken in the Northern Territory during September 2004


The termite mounds are known as
Cathedrals of the North

There's a huge amount of rock art in this region

Sunset over the wetlands of Ubirr

The East Alligator River

We took a boat ride along the river that's the border between the Kakadu National Park and Arnhemland. We were advised to keep our hands inside the boat...

A saltwater crocodile sunning himself on the bank of the river
east_alligator_river_05.JPG (30835 bytes)
The river from 30000' taken en route from Darwin to Sydney, 26 September

The Katherine Gorge
A  very pretty freshwater river system, free of salties...

Rush hour on the Katherine river


croc_warning.jpg (15061 bytes)
These signs are everywhere...

croc_head.JPG (57336 bytes)

croc_feeding_03.JPG (55859 bytes)
A large saltie having a snack...

freshwater_01.JPG (55009 bytes)
Freshwater crocodiles are apparently harmless. Yeah right...

Darwin harbour sunset cruise 25 September

darwin_sunset_17.JPG (38419 bytes)

boat_both_01.JPG (36115 bytes)

Even in such a remote area, the trainspotter is well catered for...the Ghan is the (now) weekly train that runs between Alice Springs and Darwin.



shell_roadtrain_02.JPG (45254 bytes)
There's not much road traffic around here, but what there is tends to be serious!

The Guinness Celebration tour 2004
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