Máire Ní Chathasaigh Award

The TG4 Irish Traditional Music Award for Musician of the Year 2001—Gradam Cheoil TG4—was presented to Máire “for the excellence and pioneering force of her music, the remarkable growth she has brought to the music of the harp & for the positive influence she has had on the young generation of harpers” at a televised ceremony in the Cork Opera House in November 2001. (TG4 is Ireland’s Irish-language TV station.) The Gradam is the highest, most prestigious honour for a traditional Irish musician. 

award.jpg (15192 bytes) She received this specially-commissioned sculpture by John Coll—pictured left—plus £4000. There have been three other recipients since the awards were instituted: Chieftains flautist Matt Molloy, fiddler Tommy Peoples, whistle-player Mary Bergin and piper Paddy Keenan—all of whom are considered to be the leading exponents of their instruments within the Irish tradition. Dublin’s Sunday Tribune said: “Her acceptance of this major award marks her intelligent, brilliant exploration of the potential of harp.”

More recently she's received another accolade...
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This all resulted in a fair bit of press coverage...

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