C F Martin & Co Factory tour
May 13, 2003


Ever since I was a kid I've always had a fascination with Martin guitars. When I was 10 years old I remember seeing Lonnie Donegan in pantomime (Cinderella, and he played Buttons) at the Grand Theatre in Leeds and was thrilled to see he played a OOO-28. In later years, whenever I was in London, I'd always make a point of visiting Ivor Mairants Music Centre and a few other stores in the west end.

Visiting the Martin factory was a long-standing ambition of mine, so I was delighted when in May 2003 I finally got the opportunity. I met Bob McNally and Scooter at a festival in New Jersey, and they both had connections to the company - indeed it was Bob who invented the Backpacker guitar.

Anyway, we all met up one morning in May and headed for Nazareth. I took the camera...

500000_hd28.jpg (16879 bytes)

museum_tiples.jpg (13212 bytes)

750000_peacock.jpg (13912 bytes)
Guitar #5000000 - a standard
HD-28 signed by the entire workforce


A few tiples etc in the museum #750000 - outrageously inlaid Peacock model
OM45_1933_02.jpg (12053 bytes) OM45_1933.jpg (13260 bytes) bob_backpackers.jpg (15946 bytes)
A couple of beauties in the
museum, including an original 000-45. Gulp.


Here they are again Bob McNally with his invention, the Martin Backpacker
cn_db.jpg (8440 bytes)

factory_general_01.jpg (14406 bytes)

bodies.jpg (12921 bytes)
CN chatting to Dick Boak in the museum


An elevated view of the factory floor Lots and lots of guitar bodies...
more_bodies.jpg (14502 bytes)

even_more_bodies.jpg (20904 bytes)

DM-necks.jpg (9533 bytes)
...yet more...


...and more... ...and a few necks too
dreads.jpg (20676 bytes)

pegs_and_bindings.jpg (10884 bytes)

headstock_finishing.jpg (10354 bytes)
Dreadnaught anyone?


Even more clothes pegs than instruments Polishing a headstock
OM42_7.jpg (11472 bytes) OM42_body_neck.jpg (9514 bytes) OM42_neckblock.jpg (5654 bytes)
I like OM-42s (I have two) but there were dozens there that day.

I can highly recommend the tour if you have the slightest interest in acoustic guitars and find yourself within spitting distance of Nazareth, PA. I hadn't realised just how close to New York City it is - only about 90 minutes by car.

Many thanks to Scooter, Bob and Dick for a most interesting and enjoyable day out. I'll be doing it again soon...

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