Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman's Fiji trip November 2003

On previous trips to New Zealand, we've always flown straight back to Europe from Auckland. This time we realised we had a little over a week before the next concert, so decided to break the Pacific leg of the journey by stopping off in Fiji. Well, someone had to do it!

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view_from_bure.JPG (36205 bytes) The view from the front door - coconut palms, the lagoon and the reef, and (right) taken from almost the same spot at just after 6pm. sunset_resort.jpg (7876 bytes)


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Two of the musicians who played every evening during dinner. They were really good players too...



road_rail_bridge.jpg (10393 bytes) A combined road & narrow guage rail bridge used by cane trucks and trains. cane_truck.jpg (22136 bytes)


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Towards the end of the week we took an excursion to South Sea Island, a privately owned resort a few miles offshore. The entire place is about 150 yards from end to end, and probably rises to almost 8 feet above sea level...

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cat_leaves_ssi.jpg (23423 bytes)

The catamaran leaves us on the island, and heads off to the next stop.

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It really is the most lovely place, and it's easy to see why so many holidaymakers travel there from Australia and New Zealand. It's a long way from the UK though - a shade under 10000 miles - so usually very expensive to get there. Should you ever be en route to Auckland from Los Angeles though...
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