Guinness Celebration of Irish Music
New Zealand/Australia September 2004




this page updated 30 September 2004

After an absence of seven years, the Guinness tour is once again touring Australasia. Featured artists this year are Cherish The Ladies, Finbar Furey, Bohinta, Gibb Todd, Nollaig Casey & Arty McGlynn and Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman.

See all the participants here...

Here are a few pictures taken during the tour

Auckland Town Hall outside...

...and inside

bne_chinatown_03.jpg (53702 bytes)
Two of Brisbane's finest - bikes and guns!

Brisbane has an attractive Chinatown...

bne_irish_street_01.jpg (36313 bytes) bne_irish_street_02.jpg (28688 bytes)
...and an Irish area too

mel_street.jpg (46366 bytes)
Who says it's always sunny in Australia? Melbourne, 10 September

Sydney State Theatre's very opulent interior

Máire with one of the most famous
backdrops in the world.
Sydney's tower is very similar to Auckland's...

The trip from Melbourne to Perth was on an
elaborately decorated Qantas 737-800. The
harp goes onboard...

...followed by the guitar

Guinness performers
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