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updated 10 August 2004


Aberdeen harp by William Rees Instruments

rees_harp_01.jpg (83667 bytes) Harps are part of the furniture at Old Bridge Towers. Until recently Máire's had two instruments in residence, but last month marked the arrival of a brand new Aberdeen harp made by William Rees in Rising Sun, IN. It's a 36 string model made in cherry, and is very pretty indeed. It arrived in an enormous cardboard box surrounded by about a million polystyrene chips - I have a feeling we'll still be coming across them for months to come...

Unfortunately the harp's arrival coincided with Máire's accident in Wales so she wasn't really able to play it much for the first couple of weeks, but the past week or so has seen, or rather heard, its début in the studio.

Although it's fitted with a pickup system we decided to try recording with microphones as the acoustic sound was so good. It's still early days but we're extremely pleased with the results so far.

Click here to hear a brief extract of a track Máire's just recorded for her forthcoming solo album...please note that it's a 870kb file.


The decoration on the harp is really lovely...
...it's got a pointy top too!


rees_harp_04.jpg (50276 bytes) rees_harp_03.jpg (49471 bytes)
A view from the right... ...and one from the left.

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