Máire Ní Chathasaigh discography

Artist Title Year Label and/or catalogue number
Sampler The 5th Irish Folk Festival 1978 Wundertute TUTCD 74781-2
Joe Burke The Tailor's Choice 1983 Green Linnet GLCD1045
Máire Ní Chathasaigh The New Strung Harp 1985 Temple TP019
Sampler The Best Of The Irish Folk Festival 1988 Wundertute TUTCD 727478
MNC with Chris Newman The Living Wood 1988 Green Linnet - re-issued 1994 by Old Bridge Music OBMCD07
Tom McConville Straight From The Shoulder 1988 Celtic Music CM045
Sampler The Best Of The Irish Folk Festival Volume 2 1989 Wundertute TUTCD 727478-2
Arty McGlynn & Nollaig Casey Lead The Knave 1989 Ringsend Road MCGCD1
Tom McConville Cross The River 1990 Old Bridge Music OBMCD01
MNC with Chris Newman The Carolan Album Volume 1 1991 Old Bridge Music OBM02
Sampler Bringing It All Back Home 1991 BBC CD844
Jean-Yves-Marie Tourbin Le Triomphe De La Croix MMCD85
Jean-Yves-Marie Tourbin Marie - Seul Esperance Des Hommes MMCD88
Jean-Yves-Marie Tourbin Le Rosaire Chante MMCD93
Jean-Yves-Marie Tourbin En Honneuar De Notre-Dame MMCD94
Jean-Yves-Marie Tourbin France, Fille Ainee De L'Eglise MMCD96
MNC with Chris Newman Out Of Court 1991 Old Bridge Music OBMCD03
Danny Thompson Elemental 1992 Antilles ANCD 8753
MNC with Chris Newman The Carolan Album Volume 2 1994 Old Bridge Music OBM05
MNC with Chris Newman The Carolan Albums 1994 Old Bridge Music OBMCD06
Brendan Power The New Irish Harmonica 1994 Green Linnet GLCD 3098
MNC with Chris Newman Live In The Highlands 1995 Old Bridge Music OBMCD08
Tom McConville & Pauline Cato By Land And Sea 1996 Tomcat TCCD01
Sampler Celtic Treasure 1996 Narada ND63925
Christy O'Leary The Northern Bridge 1997 Old Bridge Music. OBMCD09
Sampler l'Imaginaire Irelandais 1997 Keltia Musiique KMCD63
Chris Newman Fretwork 1998 Old Bridge Music OBMCD11
MNC with Chris Newman Dialogues 2001 Old Bridge Music OBMCD14
Roddy Matthews The Wannie Line 2002 Bingfield Music BMCD101
Rory Gallagher Wheels within Wheels 2003 RCA CAPO703
MNC with Chris Newman FireWire 2007 Old Bridge Music OBMCD17
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