Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman's New Zealand tour October 2003

A few shots from NZ 2003...

devonport_01.jpg (6451 bytes)

This is Devonport from the ferry
- you can just see the Bunker
(a very famous venue) at the
top of the hill


akl_skyline.jpg (6736 bytes)

Auckland's skyline from the ferry

sky_centre.jpg (8489 bytes)

The Sky Centre is visible for miles, and looks quite odd from this angle...



qc_sound_06.jpg (6507 bytes)
The view from the Wellington
ferry terminal at 08.30 on October 15th
qc_sound_02.jpg (5937 bytes)

Queen Charlotte Sound...



qc_sound_01.jpg (6461 bytes)

About 90 minutes of the 3 hour crossing is spent going down this absolutely beautiful channel - it's a truly stunning place.

qc_sound_03.jpg (7009 bytes)


kaikoura.jpg (6748 bytes)

Halfway down the coast to Christchurch is Kaikoura, a well known centre for whale watching. It's quite unusual to see snow capped mountains and the Pacific in the same place...



cardrona_venue.jpg (8700 bytes)

Isn't this the cutest venue? The old church in Cardrona, (left) between Wanaka and Queenstown, was the venue for the October 17th concert.

The Burns Hall, Dunedin, (right) was the setting for the concert on the 18th.

dunedin_venue.jpg (8381 bytes)


kaikoura02.jpg (9353 bytes)

Kaikoura railway station is the centre for the whale watching trips. Some 20 miles offshore we saw four whales and (a real bonus) a huge wandering albatross...

albatross01.jpg (7067 bytes)


whale01.jpg (7471 bytes) whale03.jpg (7393 bytes) whale02.jpg (9349 bytes)


qc_sound_07.jpg (10030 bytes)

The drive from Nelson to Picton gave us the opportunity to take Queen Charlotte Drive, a very scenic route that snakes around the coast.

qc_sound_08.jpg (10680 bytes)


One thing you often see in New Zealand is old British cars in beautiful condition. I spotted this immaculate Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire in Picton, just before getting on the Wellington ferry. armstrong_car_02.jpg (11624 bytes) armstrong_car.jpg (10455 bytes)


sunset_ferry_02.jpg (8228 bytes)

Sunset over the south island taken from the Cook Strait ferry October 23rd...



wellington_view_01.jpg (9516 bytes)

Wellington, like Sydney, San Francisco and a few other cities, is positioned on a beautiful harbour.

wellington_view_02.jpg (8958 bytes)


festival_marquee.JPG (6302 bytes)


Wellington festival (Wellyfest) had its 39th birthday this year. Great fun had by all, especially whoever was responsible for the weather...it was somewhat chilly to say the least. The marquee (left) was heated as was the café (right), a popular spot for a tune ot two.

session_01.JPG (10710 bytes)

Here we have one of the festival's highlights - a Byrds tribute band fronted by a gentleman with uncommonly long hair. (They actually sounded great.) kevin_and_byrds.jpg (19943 bytes)


laphroaig.JPG (9501 bytes)

If you insist on drinking 57% proof whisky, this is what happens to your beard. (If you don't already have a beard, you'll soon acquire one after a few slugs of this stuff...)



Sue Ikin (responsible for our being here at all) with husband Kevin, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a rather more hirsute gentleman I saw this weekend

sue_kevin_ikin_01.JPG (7633 bytes)


chris_maire_libby_davy_02.JPG (13644 bytes) CN & Máire with Libby & Davy Stuart from Christchurch at the festival Monday October 27th. Davy was running sound for much of the weekend - a break from building guitars!


On October 31st we visited the Waimangu Valley near Rotorua. We were last there in 1995 - it's an extraordinary place created as a result of a volcanic eruption in 1886. It's well worth a visit-  amazing to touch the ground and feel heat.
waimangu_01.jpg (9274 bytes) waimangu_03.jpg (9915 bytes) waimangu_02.jpg (9188 bytes)


route_1.jpg (6062 bytes) crown_point.jpg (9406 bytes) guitar_workshop.jpg (12154 bytes)
A very typical scene on Route 1 - the main highway through the country The summit of Crown Point near Queenstown

Participants at the guitar workshop held at Puriri Grove on November 1st



Here are a few more people who helped make this trip so enjoyable:

kay_curtis.jpg (20545 bytes) martin_curtis.jpg (14417 bytes)

Kay and Martin Curtis (Cardrona)

mike_moroney.jpg (10495 bytes)

Mike Moroney (Dunedin)


erica_rob_davy.JPG (12603 bytes) mike_considine.jpg (8305 bytes)
Erica & Rob Green (New Plymouth) with Davy Stuart (Christchurch)

Mike Considine (Christchurch)



bob_and_evey.jpg (11180 bytes) marcus_and_ann.jpg (11119 bytes)
Bob & Evey (Nelson)

Marcus & Anne (Dunedin)



helen_and_don_burns.jpg (11893 bytes) hilary_worsfold.jpg (6925 bytes) roger_01.jpg (8196 bytes)
Helen & Don Burns (Hamilton) Hilary Worsfold (Auckland)

Roger Giles (Auckland)

Other pictures
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