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Christy O'Leary

Christy O’Leary’s family comes from Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry. They lived in Dublin, Roscommon and Wicklow before moving back to Kenmare, Co. Kerry when Christy was in his early teens.

His primary musical influences have been the traditional music and singing of Kerry and West Cork that he heard all around him while growing up. He’s been performing professionally since the age of twelve - initially with his older brother Tim, whose musical tastes greatly influenced him at that time.

His distinctive, lyrical and very traditional style of singing and playing has graced two of the best-known bands playing traditional Irish music today - Dé Danann, with whom he toured in the early eighties and celebrated Irish/Scottish band Boys of the Lough, of which he was a member between 1985 and 1997. Since the band was based in Edinburgh, Christy lived there for a number of years.

He now lives in Sweden and works with Bert Deivert. Visit their website...(but come back soon!)

The Northern Bridge CD
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