Máire Ní Chathasaigh & Chris Newman Plattsburg and Kansas City, February 2004

We were delighted to be invited to play a couple of concerts in February 2004 at the brand-new (and very fancy) Performing Arts Center in Plattsburg, MO, as well as a concert at a beautiful auditorium at Unity on the Plaza in Kansas City. It was such a special week it gets a picture page all to itself!

The interior of the Performing Arts Center in Plattsburg, MO, just before the show on February 27, 2004. Attached to the High School, the newly opened theatre seats 430. A really nice room! plattsburg_pac.jpg (30723 bytes)

plattsburg_keys_01.jpg (46739 bytes) Máire receives the keys of the City of Plattsburg from the Mayor! plattsburg_keys_02.jpg (47344 bytes)

unity_exterior.jpg (32611 bytes) Unity Temple on the Plaza, Kansas City, boasts a fabulous auditorium with some very impressive stained glass windows... unity_windows.jpg (24670 bytes)

plattsburg_mb_mnc_rs.jpg (31098 bytes) Máire with Mike Brown and Rosemary Stipe, the two people primarily responsible for putting the concerts together.

plattsburg_catherine_stipe.jpg (23373 bytes)

Catherine Stipe

plattsburg_dan_henry.jpg (23547 bytes)Dan Henry, a very famous face on TV in the area, kindly agreed to introduce the Kansas City concert.

plattsburg_cb_mnc.cs.jpg (27516 bytes)
Cara Brown with Máire & Catherine
plattsburg_rosemary_stipe.jpg (30380 bytes) plattsburg_mike_brown.jpg (31418 bytes)
Rosemary Mike, looking relieved it's all over!!

plattsburg_paper.jpg (239021 bytes)

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