Martin D-28 restoration 


created 31 August 2007
This 1965 Martin D-28 was in a sorry state when it was acquired last year. The neck had been very poorly reset, there were cracks all over the place (except the top, surprisingly enough), and two metal bolts held the badly split bridge in place!

The playing action was pretty dire, but with a capo on the third fret it was possible to hear just how lively a sound could perhaps be coaxed from the guitar after various essential repairs were carried out.

Here are a few before/after pictures:


The cracked bridge with the bolt holes clearly visible

The newly made bridge.


The bridgeplate, complete with bolts

The new bridgeplate overlay

The guitar now plays really well - good balance with a deep, rich bass and a surprisingly sparkly top end. Click here to have a listen. (The recording was made with a stereo pair of Rode NT2000s. No eq was used.)

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