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Mark Challinor

Instrument maker & restorer

Tel: 01274 409766

this page updated 21 September 2011

Mark Challinor was born in 1955 in Yorkshire, and has been involved with instrument manufacture and repair for most of his adult life. For some years in his mid-twenties he worked in antique restoration leading, in the early 80s, to a piano making apprenticeship. For the next few years he was actively involved in most aspects of the manufacture of new pianos as well as much full restoration work.

The highly specialised skills that he acquired at this time led to his working on early pianos in the collections of, among others, The Broadwood Trust, The Scottish National Trust and the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

For six years until 1997 he was teaching musical instrument technology at the Leeds College of Music after which he became more and more involved with the repair and renovation of acoustic guitars and related instruments.

Since then he has established a growing reputation among musicians who are universally fussy about their instruments and to whom they entrust their guitars.

These days he's based in Otley, West Yorkshire, and is very happy to undertake major restorations including neck resets, new fingerboards & bridges etc., as well as repair to most types of damage. Equally, he can simply replace a bridge saddle or set up an instrument for optimum playability. Either way you can be certain that the work will be completed to the highest standards.

Please feel free to contact him for any kind of enquiry or quotation. He can be reached on 01274 409766. If dialling from abroad, it's +44 1274 409766.

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