Mark Challinor's picture gallery page 2 - restoration of a Martin D-18

A few months ago a 1970s D-18 made the journey from Surrey to Yorkshire to have a somewhat unusual operation. The guitar badly needed a neck reset, and the owner wanted the original rosewood fingerboard and bridge replaced with ebony. He was also keen to have paua inlays on the fingerboard.

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D18_neck_reset.jpg (6489 bytes)

The neck and body separated, then reassembled.

D18_neck_reset_after.jpg (47780 bytes)
d18_bridge_before.jpg (36141 bytes)

The original rosewood bridge, and the mark left by the removal of the old celluloid scratchplate that had shrunk badly.



d18_bridge_after.jpg (35134 bytes)

The new ebony bridge and new scratchplate.

d18_neck_before.jpg (36980 bytes) The old, very worn, fingerboard showing the mother of pearl position dots.


The two pictures below show different views of the new ebony fretboard and nut.




d18_new_neck.jpg (34634 bytes)


d18_neck_after.jpg (34678 bytes)

d18_new_bridge.jpg (29630 bytes)
d18_new_bridge_02.jpg (31043 bytes)

Another couple of views of the new bridge and scratchplate.



d18_keith.jpg (59080 bytes)

One happy owner reunited with the finished guitar.

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